Your family stories are much more than just words, they include the smiles, laughs, and personalities of the people who tell them. That’s why Story Legacy is all about video, no writing long answers. We deliver stories told in the words of the people who lived them, smiles and all. And you get your videos the same day. Each of our sessions is managed by a Family Facilitator who does all the recording. You just enjoy the stories.

How to use our products

No commitment, just information.

Unsure whether Story Legacy is right for you? Purchase our 20-minute video consultation and have a Family Facilitator answer all your questions. The $20 will be applied to any session purchased after your consultation.

Our most popular and versatile session.

Perfect for family or friends. This 2-hour Zoom session allows you to record up to 8 stories, each in a separate video. Includes a 20-minute video consultation with a Family Facilitator.

Memory loss or other health issues?

This session uses 3 shorter sessions (45-minutes) to make it easier for your loved one. Includes a 20-minute video consultation with a Family Facilitator who will share our special process for memory and other health issues.

Create a special video as a gift.

With this session, you get a 30-minute Zoom session to record one story, plus you can edit up to 10 photos into the video that help tell the story. Sure to become a cherished family heirloom.

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Spruce up your story videos.

Add this to any session purchase. We add title cards with the names, ages, and relationships of family members, remove long pauses, and adjust any sound issues. You can purchase before or after you record your stories.

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