Don’t just discover the stories of the past.

Discover stories about the


of the present.

We call this your family’s Story DNA.

Do you enjoy the process of discovering your ancestors? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to hear their stories in their own words? Don’t miss out on hearing your existing family members tell their stories today.

A message from our founder

Story Legacy is a storytelling company that celebrates the uniqueness of every family. Through our one-of-a-kind video recording sessions, we help you capture the stories, smiles, and laughter that make your family…your family.

Our highly personalized service makes the experience easy, meaningful, and FUN!

Listen to these families share their stories.
What unique qualities do you hear?

“Career Choices”

Unique Qualities: Adventurous, Love of Learning, Seizes Opportunities

“Central Park Crusader”

Unique Qualities: Courageous, Out-spoken, Principled

“Becoming Farmers”

Unique Qualities: Entrepreneurial, Resourceful, Hard-working

“Uncle Jack”

Unique Qualities: Brave, Sense of Duty, Musical